5 super cool plants for your bathroom! 🌵🌿🌵🌱🌷

Do you have areas of your home that need some life? A bathroom with small windows or none at all? We have selected our top 5 houseplants that thrive in low light and high humidity. You don't need much natural sunlight for these green beauts, some will even grow in dark spaces!

(The following are in no particular order)

 1. String of Pearls 

string of pearls in grey planter pot houseplant trailing on table top 

Part of the succulent family, this texturally pleasing plant is perfect for hanging from the bathroom ceiling.

Tip - this plant is said to not be suitable for pets and small children.

2. Aloe Vera

 close up shot of green fresh aloe vera plant succulent with spikes photography with name

This one is not just pretty but useful too! They call it the 'plant of immortality', part of the succulent family. This plant might just survive with the bathroom humidity alone as it needs very little water and light to live.

Tip: Can be used to soothe cuts, grazes, and bites

 3. ZZ Plant

 ZZ plant stem with clean background indoor houseplant top 5 plants blog negative space store

Known as the "un-killable plant" with its dark green glossy leaves, this one is perfect for all of you plant serial killers out there. They thrive on low light, sporadic watering and even in fluorescent lighting!

Tip - wipe the leaves from time to time to keep the gloss

4. Bamboo

bamboo in metal pots lined up outside in garden top 5 houseplants zen bathroom negative space store

Bamboo works well in dark bathrooms especially as it needs little light to grow. It also doesn't need to be planted in soil, you could simply put the stalk in a pot with water and pebbles. 
Tip: Ensure you change the water every few weeks. 
5. Peace Lily
peacy lily extreme close up picture white background petal green white flower indoor houseplants blog
Another super low-maintenance plant to put in your bathroom and also one of the few that have flowers in low light conditions.  This one also works well on purifying the air so a great feel-good plant to have in your bathroom. 

Top tip - Use fluorescent light bulbs in your bathrooms if you have no natural sunlight as even the 'low light' plants need some light. These bulbs transmit wavelengths that the plants need.

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Tamara Chloé

Omg, we are remodelling our bathroom as we speak, and were trying to find plants to decorate it The bathroom is dark, so they need to survive in low light. This post is just what I needed.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Tamara Chloé


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