The '70s Houseplants are Back! And They are Groovy as Ever...

Did you know house plants were a huge craze back in the '70s and now they are having their comeback? Yeah, it's true. Go and ask your parents if they remember their mum's monstera, the macrame hanger that cradled those spider air plants and the fiddle fig potted plant in the hallway... Now take a look at your Instagram feed with the hashtag #indoorplant (over a million posts), and ta-da! You will now see the exact. Same. Plants. 
So why have they slowly started to resurface after 20 years of being in dormancy? Personally, I think it is because we are now starting to realise the important role plants have in this small place we call the world. Yes, mother nature plays an essential part in our lives and the generations to come and it is finally becoming a respected topic of discussion.
With this blooming generation of hipster environmentalists, there is now more research into the effects of introducing more greenery into our spaces. Not only can they help to overcome stress and illness by purifying the air. They emit a general sense of wellbeing in a usually overwhelmingly grey and polluted outdoors. Especially for people living in big cities, in small apartments!
Here are some major throwback then and now pics to see how these green goddesses have grown through time...

Nephrolepis exaltata a.k.a Boston Fern

boston fern indoor houseplant in bathroom from 70s compared with another boston fern plant from 2018

Here is the most common type of indoor fern that most people would recognise instantly. Ever hardy and full of life, did you know that the fern family have been around since before dinosaurs? No wonder they are a houseplant staple, nothing will make these babies go extinct!

Monstera Deliciosa a.k.a Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera deliciosa swiss cheese plant before and after side by side picture from the 70s and from 2019
A Southern Mexico native, it crept into households back in the 70s and is a plant parents fave as they thrive in humid and warm temperatures. Monstera refers to how monstrous this beautiful creature can grow in the right conditions (up to 66ft in the wild!)

Pothos a.k.a Devils Ivy

pothos plant a.k.a devils ivy plant side by side compared pictures from the 70s interior with a recent interior

The heart-shaped foliage will give your hanging planters a new boost of life as they are great for draping and training around the house. They thrive in medium to direct sunlight but can tolerate low light spaces, so can be great for drab corners and bathrooms. Not only do they look spectacular, but they are one of the best houseplants for removing indoor toxins!

Chlorophytum Comosum a.k.a Spider Plant  

  Spider Plant Hanging in a basket before and after interior design bathroom air plants

Most of you will recognise this as the 'Spider Plant' it got its name due to foliage has spider-like similarities. Native to South Africa and the tropics, this plant can grow between 30-60cm and is usually looks best hung up in baskets. They also sprout 'babies' that look adorable! They grow best in temperatures between 18C - 32C so perfect for an indoor option. 

Sansevieria trifasciata a.k.a Mother-in-laws tongue | Snake Plant  

mother in laws tongue indoor houseplant compared to side by side 70s interior and recent interior trend blog
The name stems from (see what I did there :p) the sharpness of the leaves, if you have a mother-in-law you might get the meaning. It is a plant under many names, it is also known as the 'Vipers Bowstring Hemp' as it can be used to make bowstrings! It is pretty easy to maintain, due to the leaves being part of the succulent family, it can survive with little watering. Although it has many uses, pet owners should be aware that it can be harmful to your cat or dog if ingested.

Ficus Lyrata a.k.a Fiddle-leaf fig tree

  fiddle leaf fig tree plant indoor houseplants blog interior design trends how to care for a fiddle leaf fig
One of the most popular houseplants on Instagram, the #instahome plant has dominated the interior plant trend and we can see why! It seriously has tropical vibes written all over the leaves. Native from West Africa, the large emerald foliage looks great as a feature potted plant. This beaut will need watering about once a week and needs to be kept in a well-drained clay pot to allow the soil to breathe. It thrives best in sunlight so pick out space near a window. it is also important to keep those gorgeous leaves glowing by wiping the dust away, so it is safe to say this one needs a bit more attention than the other plants we have listed! But it is well worth it!
We hope that we have inspired you to introduce more green in your homes, and we hope this is not a trend that will phase out anytime soon!
Thanks for reading our latest blog post! We would love to hear what plants do you currently have in your homes, and to any '70s babes, what plants do you remember in your childhood homes? 
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